Commitment to Service

We strive to make sure our commitment to service and to you as a customer shows in all that we do. We instill in all of our employees that whatever project they are working on, to treat it as if it was their own. This is how Joel and Jaime thought of the projects that they personally worked on and have continued to instill that same thought process to all of Valley View’s employees. When we work on your project, you will experience a level of professionalism not normally seen in the construction industry, let alone the cleaning industry.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You never have to feel bad about calling us after hours. We will be there to help.


Our management is ahead of the technology curve. We have VOIP telephone systems, servers that allow access to company data from anywhere at anytime. All the crew leaders and managers are equipped with the latest smart phones  or tablets to access company servers and data, including schedules, project contracts, emails, correspondence etc from anywhere at anytime. Our crew leaders are also equipped with photo and video cameras to assist in documenting projects through out the day. Our tickets are scanned in and updated on our server nightly for quick and ready access. (Look forward to a new IPAD app being developed internally by Valley View to eliminate paper tickets on site completely) Need to find out who was on your project 3 years ago on a certain day, give us 30 seconds and those tickets will be emailed directly to you.

All of this data is stored in project files, accessible from anywhere whenever needed. Do you need to find out what an area of your project looked like 3 days ago while we were there? Let us know and the crew lead will pull up the video or photo right on site for you.

We Go to Where You Are

We service our customers and our projects no matter where they are. Valley View Building Services uses their private aircraft to quickly and efficiently reach hard to reach projects. Senior management can usually get to anywhere in the west within just a few hours of a phone call or anywhere within the country within just 1 day. We can access small airports usually found close to a project instead of using a large commercial airport. We find that it is almost always better to meet in person to discuss whatever issues may arise on these projects. A quick meeting to figure out a solution, usually the same day, is one thing that sets us apart. Have a project in Tonopah, NV, no problem. Be there in 2 hours. A hotel in Vernal, UT; see you for lunch this afternoon. An destination resort in Page, AZ, how does an early breakfast meeting on us sound?

Attention To Detail

While we will be the first to admit that we are not perfect; we do strive to insure that we do the very best that we can, and when we fail, we make sure that we are there to make it right, no matter the cost. We start with our proposals; we make sure to put together detailed and precise proposals to eliminate any confusion as to what is expected from us and what we are pricing. We continue that through once the job is won. We assign a senior project manager and crew lead (or crew leaders depending on the size of the project) and introduce them to the project and project managers and superintendents. We review the schedule and perform site inspections in order to insure that the schedule will be met and to prepare our site specific safety analysis report.

Once the job begins, our project managers are on site often to insure overall quality and customer satisfaction. All of us are part of a team, from the owners to the crew members, to insure that your project is a success. Together, as a team, we have yet come across a problem or situation that we have not been able to handle. Crew leaders will be your daily point of contact during a project and will be there working right along side of their crew. You will know you who they are and are immediately recognizable by their bright green T-Shirts that say Crew Leader right on them. They are given the autonomy to make decisions right there on site. It is part of our culture to make sure that our customers are taken care of. With that in mind, our crew leaders are the best out there. We promise that they will take care of you and your project.

The crew leader will also check in and out each day with either the PM, Super or Foreman assigned to the final cleaning. Each crew will fill out a daily report detailing the work that was completed that day and walk that area to insure that the quality is perfect. This ticket will be given to the Super on site for verification and signature. If any work is requested that falls outside of the original scope, the crew leader will confirm with the PM that it is approved, provide a price if needed, and insure that a ticket is signed by the correct person to authorize that extra work and subsequent charge.

Our Promise

The only real thing we can promise is that we will do our very best to work together as a team to turn over the cleanest and best managed project we can. We promise to do whatever we can to meet your schedule and to exceed the expectations of the owner and our customers.

We are not in this for a quick buck or short turnaround. We are here for the long haul and will do whatever we have to in order to insure that you and the owner are happy. Our internal measurement if we are succeeding in this or not is whether or not we are asked to bid on other projects for the same people. So far we have a perfect record. We would love to show you how we are able to maintain that record. Give us a call or click on the “Work with VVBS” button on this page.