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Valley View Building Services is a service provider for the largest general contractors in the country and has been in business for 17 years in the Salt Lake Valley.

We are proud to provide the final cleaning services on some of the most prestigious and landmark projects in the country and are searching for 15 new team members to join our company in our Salt Lake City office.

We are looking for smart and hard working individuals. We complete the final detail cleaning on these projects. This is not dirty manual labor; we need people that are a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning. We need people who can think about the needs of a project and can make each project their own.

All training will be provided along with all the necessary transportation, tools, support and so on.

If you are fun to be around, have what it takes to make most any customer happy, and can make critical thinking decisions, then we want you!

Don’t think of this as just a cleaning position, because we sure don’t. This is chance to get out and meet some great new people; to have an exciting and ever-changing work environment and to do something that you can take pride in. You are making landmark projects look exactly the way they should. With out you, buildings in this area would never open.

So please give us a call. We want to talk and meet with you. We want to show you how awesome this job can be. Call Krista today at 801-576-0067 ext 1008 to set up a time for an interview.  You can also email her at krista@vvbs.net and set up a time that way too. (please try and keep the calls to business hours only)

Just a heads up, if you are the type of person that wants to call in and the 1st question you will ask is what does this pay, you will not be given an interview. We don’t want to talk to you. We want to talk to the people that can see the future and are willing to take a chance on something new.

The pay is good. Not holy crap great, but it is a good solid wage with room for quick growth. We are looking for crew leaders, crewmembers and even a manger or two as well, so please give us a call.

Give us a call today and let’s get to work!


Please download the application here, fill it out and email it over to krista@vvbs.net.