David Eccles School of Buisiness News Report

We just finished this great project for Okland Construction a while back. It was a privilege to be able to clean this entire building and work with the fine folks at Okland and do yet another great project up at the University of Utah.

Click here to read more and see more photos of this one of kind project: KSL Reports on David Eccles School of Business – New Construction


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VVBS Wins Los Robles Hospital Expansion

A good week gets even better! We have all been working hard here at Valley View with ongoing projects. We are humbled when our customers call us and tell us about a project that we might not have even known about. Such was the case with the Los Robles Hospital Expansion in Thousand Oaks California. We want to thank Chris up there at Layton Construction for reaching out to us and allowing us to bid. We are happy to announce today that we have been given the opportunity to perform the final cleaning, above grid ceiling cleaning, and window cleaning at this great new addition. We look forward to being a partner with Layton and making this project a huge success.

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VVBS Wins New Larry H Miller Honda

Valley View Building Services has been chosen by Big-D Construction of Salt Lake City Utah to perform the final cleaning and window cleaning at the new Larry H Miller Honda Dealership in Murray Utah. We are excited by the chance we have been given to clean what will be our 45th car dealership in the west that we have been able to clean. We sincerely appreciate our great partners at Big-D and the Larry H Miller Group for giving us this opportunity.

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VVBS Wins Old Mill Corporate Center IV

We are happy to announce that we have won the Old Mill Corporate Center Phase IV project for Okland Construction. We will be doing the final cleaning and window cleaning here. We look forward to continuing our long standing relationship with our great friends and partners at Okland Construction.

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How do we lose work?

I am going to rant for just a bit here and, as the president and CEO of this company,  I am going to put it here on the companies web site.

During this slight downturn in the economy we have lost a few projects that normally we would have never lost. We have been told that we are being beat out with such aggressive pricing that I often wonder how these other companies can do it. A few of these projects really hurt. I also wonder how much research is put into the people or companies that actually won the work.

Over the past 15 years, I have become very good at figuring out the correct cost for final cleaning projects. If there are 5 companies bidding, we will almost always be right in the middle. Right were a responsible bidder should be. Some times we are high and some time we are low, but only by a few percentage points. We have actual offices with computers and phone systems and support staff and accountants and HR people and IT staff and safety managers. Heck we even have several law firms on retainer. We pay our taxes, we pay our employees every week on time, and we maintain a large fleet of company vehicles. We pay very well for an insurance policy that is unmatched by competitors. We insure that our supplies are in working order or we order and purchase new items. We are members of trade organizations and take what we do very seriously.

But when it gets tight out there apparently price wins over all else. We have the best references in the western United States. Hands down. Sure others might have a nice project here or there, but just check out all the great projects we have been apart of, time and time again. That really says something. Anyone can do 1 or 2 high profile jobs, but when you are able to work on those types of jobs for over 15 years, it says something about a company. It says that we are here to stay and will stand behind our work.

Tonight I was researching some of our “competitors” out there. 2 in particular that over this past year have won some jobs strictly on price. I am not sure if they did a great job or not, but I am sure no matter what, they did not make enough money to pay their taxes or even their employes on time. So I look them up and below are the 2 photos of where they put on their own website, is the location of their “offices”.







So here are these 2 companies “offices”. This is who we lost some really nice projects to. How is that even possible? Is that all that really matters any more is what the cost of a project can be done for? What about the service behind the company? What about the financial backing or stability of the company?

I ask sincerely to those that care, if you are a developer or had a project to be built, would you feel comfortable going to a contractors home to do business with them? What does that say about the company? Now shouldn’t the same be said or even expected about the sub contractors that these prime contractors use? I would doubt that these “competitors” of ours pay their employees according to the appropriate state laws. Do they pay them as “subs” and “independent contractors”? Do they provide the correct auto or liability insurance coverage for their employees driving to and from these projects? No wonder they can afford to do these project so cheap.

So time will tell how long this new batch of companies will last. The average time for a new company to last is usually less than a year. This is because payment is not usually quick on this type of work and on these larger projects you need the financial stability to be able to continue paying your employees while you wait for payment. Have any of these companies ever had a $150,000 payroll week after week? I doubt it.

I will get off my box now. Thanks for humoring me. We will win some and we will lose some and I do not mind that at all. It is the game we play. I just want to know that we are losing fairly and not to some fly by night company that prints up business cards, hires guys off the streets looking for work and calls themselves professionals.

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VVBS Employees – Get Gephardt

Even an older video here. Back in 2001 I think, we were asked to do this bit for the local news reporter who did these consumer product tests etc. This was actually our second time doing something like this for him.

So long ago, we were even still wearing seat harnesses! I am almost embarrassed to post this on here.

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Gerado in the Deseret News

Gerardo at 222

Our Utah office general manager and best window cleaner around, has been featured prominently in the local Deseret News Newspaper this morning. It was taken at the 222 South Main project that Okland Construction Construction is finishing right now.

We are proud of Gerardo and all he does for the company. He deserves the spotlight, even if just for a few minutes!

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