Working with Valley View

Thank you so much for clicking that little button! Hopefully you have chosen to allow us to partner with you in making your projects a success. We look forward to hearing from you soon. We are ready and willing to serve however we can.

We are able to help with any of the following:

1. Pre-bid scope review or help in preparing a project specific scope
2. Answer any questions prior to sending out of any RFQ, ITB
3. Able to estimate any job, at any time before or during construction
4. Job or site walks to review project or discuss any issues.
5. Custom estimates and project proposals tailored to your specific needs

After a job is won, we will continue to service your needs. We offer discounted job site trailer or office cleaning for the duration of the project. As soon as a job is won, a senior project manager will be assigned to your project. They will be in contact often to insure that you are being taken care of and to handle any scheduling, safety, or other issues that may arise before the job begins.

You will be introduced to your projects crew leader or leaders depending on the size of the project. They will be on your site whenever the crews are working. They will check in and out each day with your Super or PM to insure that quality is being maintained and that the constant fluctuating schedule is being taken care of.

Whatever your needs are, we are ready to help. As a special thank you for clicking here and reading a little bit about us, please call me, the owner, on my personal cell phone to discuss whatever your needs are, or shoot me an email and I will personally get right back with you.

Thank you,


Joel Votaw, President and CEO
Cell: 480-427-8180